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    You can download artwork for your own use here. Click on the symbol to download the file.


    Logo HPI (color)
    Download as EPS (EPS, 1.1 MB)
    Download as JPG (JPG, 126.9 kB)

    Legal Guidelines

    The downloading, storing and use of the following logos and names is permitted only under the following provisos:

    • Logos and names may only be used for news reports by publishers and/or journalists or
    • if at the time the download and storage takes place and for the duration of the use of the logo / name the user has made a binding registration as an exhibitor for a future trade fair / exhibition organised by Leipziger Messe GmbH.
    • The user must use the logo / name in its original form and without altering it in any way (small colour deviations in the printing will be tolerated in individual cases).
    • If the user is an exhibitor in the above sense, s/he may only use the logo / name in association with an indication that s/he will be taking part in a future trade fair / exhibition organised by Leipziger Messe GmbH.
    • The use of the logo / name for purposes other than those described above, in particular to label goods and services offered by third parties, is prohibited.

    If the above requirements are not complied with, civil legal action will be taken and - in the event of violation of copyright law - a criminal prosecution will be made.

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